Why the connection to The Royal Conservatory?

The Royal Conservatory created the Learning Through the Arts program in 1994, as a way to increase opportunities for K-12 students across Canada to experience the power of the arts in education. While originally envisaged as a music initiative, Learning Through the Arts grew to include a wide range of arts, including traditional and contemporary indigenous art forms. This made the programming more inclusive and allowed Learning Through the Arts to support the needs of indigenous communities.

How can you serve teachers in remote reserve schools?

Our remote reserve model is tailored to meet the needs of the Indigenous communities we are working in with collaborative strategies that involve on-line support and professional development  for teachers.  Our lead artist /educators/Elders stay connected to the teachers via online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype to continue to support them in the development of creative projects to explore learning.

What experience do you have serving indigenous students?

Our Indigenous artist educators/Elders and allies have experience collaborating with different Indigenous communities, teachers, schools districts, band councils and arts organizations in urban and remote communities since LTTA began in 1995. We are sensitive to the needs of Indigenous education and ways of knowing.

How do you know this will work?

Learning Through the Arts has a long track record of research. Three research studies have shown that when students take part in this kind of programming, they learn more deeply, retain what they learn, and demonstrate greater curiosity and interest in school.


What are the next steps to participate?

Applying to INAC to partner   

In order to be included in Learning Through the Arts application to the New Paths for Education program of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (due May 1, 2017), interested First Nations schools must:


  • Contact Shelley MacDonald, FNMI coordinator at [email protected] to discuss the scope of participation and school and community goals and needs
  • Submit letters of support from the Band Council and Community School